Schlagfix Whipping Cream Unsweetened 200ml

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One of the vegan favourites in Europe.

With this amazing Vegan Whipping Cream, Schlagfix allows you to make all sorts of sweets and savoury recipes.

This vegan whipping cream is unsweetened, which allows you to adjust your recipes to your preferred level of sweetness.

It’s also perfect for cooking pasta dishes, adding to soups, stews and creamy sauces.


Water, Palm Kernel Oil* (fully hydrogenated) 15%, Maltodextrin, Slucose Syrup, Stabilizer: Starch, E-435, E-331, E-464, E-460, E-339; Emulsifiers: E-481, E-471, E-475; Salt, Flavouring.
*Certified sustainable by RSPO.

Allergen Information:
This product is free from the main 14 allergens.